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Industry application

Jacquard fabric design is beautiful, the color is distinct, stereo sense is strong, soft, fine texture, good gloss, good drapability and permeability
Jacquard machine,Home textile industry Jacquard machine,Garment industry Jacquard machine,Traffic industry
  Home textile industry
  Bedding, blankets, curtain cloth, sofa cloth, carpets,   decorative fabrics
  Garment industry
  Fabric, lining, tie, towel, silk fabric, trademark   weaving
  Seat cover, airbags




Reduce the production cost more than 50%

  High-speed electronic jacquard machine, applied to various types of factories which make textile production fast and efficient
Improve the yield and qualified fabric
High-speed electronic jacquard machine
  20 years experience
  Core technical personnel are the domestic first batch of jacquard machine researchers. They are technical experts, which have more than 20 years experience
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  Service life is 200%
  Innovation cam structure and the M5 components
Changfang machinery,Innovative Cam Structure
  Cost save electricity 50%
  Innovation brand of high-speed electronic jacquard machine, high cost-effective performanc
  Quality defects decreased 50%
  Jacquard machine experts, who has more than 20 years manufacturing experience
Changfang machinery,Knife
Changfang machinery
  Changfang machinery
  Founded in 2006, 20 years focused on research and development of jacquard machine manufacturing We have provided professional products and services for 10 years and served more than 200 domestic customers. Among them, typical main technical director, who has professional experience engaged in jacquard machine manufacturing more than 20 years. He is one of the first experts to participate in jacquard technology research and development in China.
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